Romance Comedy Game, Dormitory Love Launches Globally on Nintendo Switch

Fully-Voiced Visual Novel Game Available on April 28, 2023

[Okayama, April 20, 2023]—PLiCy, one of the major indie game platforms in Japan, is proud to announce the global launch of Dormitory Love (Jap.: Aru-Kannrinin-No-Koi), a successful romance visual novel game, on April 28, 2023, for Nintendo Switch. Pre-order sales will begin on April 20, 2023. To celebrate the release, a special sale of -15% will be offered for a limited time.


Since its release in 2021 as a PC/Browser game, Dormitory Love has gained attention from many Otome game lovers in Japan for its unique love stories of the heroine with foreign students from abroad. It has won PLiCy's 'Honorable Game Award' and was also selected as one of the 100 best games in 2022 on Freem, the biggest indie games platform in Japan.

Although it may appear as a conventional romance game, the story exceeds in its genre through the lively interactions among the residents in the dormitory and their rich background stories. It has thrilling emotional ups and downs, enjoyable seasonal events such as flower viewing, hot spring visits, and summer festivals, which appeal to anybody interested in Japanese culture. The game boasts of a couple of unique features, including being fully voiced and having over a hundred stills.


The game was designed, illustrated, and written by Mirin, a Japanese developer, who dedicated over ten years to the project, creating a universe of people evolving in the world of Dormitory Love. Her life experiences living in Japan, the United States, France and Germany with deep insight into traditional Japanese culture elevated the game with its profound depth in the story.


In the game, the protagonist, Jun Minase, suddenly finds herself working as a manager in a dormitory in Tokyo where students from overseas reside. Players can pursue romance with six different characters: the calm and serious German Felix, the selfish femboy French Guillaume, the star basketball player Josh from the United States, the taciturn Chinese Ling with a mysterious background, the gentle and carefree photographer Russian Sasha, and the cynical British nerd Sean.

From spring to the end of summer, players can enjoy seasonal events such as cherry blossom viewing, hot spring trips, water park visits, and summer festivals with the residents.



  • More than 100 stills in total
  • Fully-voiced in Japanese
  • Name of the heroine can be altered
  • Captivating romance narratives
  • Profound insight to Japanese culture


About Hase im Haus:

Hase im Haus is an indie game label which was founded by the developer Mirin in 2010. Mirin grew up in Japan and has since lived in the United States, France, and currently resides in Germany. She has a good understanding of the fine arts and holds a license to teach traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Since starting to create visual novel games, she has been working on various tasks, such as illustration, game design, video production, scenario writing, character animation, and translation.


About PLiCy:

PLiCy is an active agency for discovering high-quality indie games known for its popular platform for indie games in Japan. They are also a host of PLiCy Game Awards, where many indie titles make their appearances. They have been publishing numbers of indie titles on Nintendo Switch, introducing various kinds of games from puzzle games to novel games. Dormitory Love is the first otome game they have published.



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