Honoka, the sweet and clingy heroine, has always been close to her older brother figure, Kai (big Bro Onii). One night, she visits Kai, who is busy preparing for his university entrance exams. Despite being brushed off due to his study commitments, Honoka is determined to get his attention. As the story unfolds, glimpses of their shared past and moments that test their bond as childhood friends are revealed, filled with heart-fluttering scenes.


  • Full Voice Cast: All characters, including the heroine, are fully voiced.
  • Mini Games: Unlock memories with Kai through mini-games as you progress through the story.
  • Heart-Fluttering Episodes: Packed with sweet and touching episodes unique to childhood friends, guaranteed to capture the player's heart.

This game is perfect for those who wish to enjoy heartwarming moments in everyday life and for those who dream of a special relationship with a childhood friend. Enjoy sweet and bittersweet moments in "Childhood Love."









(Browser / Windows)