【 Genre 】 Visual Novel (Otome)


【 Number of Love Interests 】 6


【 Average session 】 One route takes about 10 min. There are 19 endings in total.


【 Age Restriction 】 16 and up

 Content warnings: includes a kissing scene, sexually suggestive content (non-graphic) and cursing


【 Language 】 Japanese / English


【 Platform 】 Windows PC


【 Engine 】 Tyranoscript


【 Developer 】 Mirin (Hase im Haus)





■Terms and Conditions

① The use of this software in a manner that violates public standards of decency and morality is forbidden.


② Unauthorized commercial use of this software is strictly prohibited.



③ Commentary playthroughs and fan creations based on this software are generally allowed without prior notice. Monetization is also permitted without any concerns. However, please ensure that the following information is clearly stated in the video description or fan creations:

Hase im Haus  www.hase-im-haus.com

Twitter: @Mirin36


Most of the content in this work is open to commentary and live streaming; however, there is one section that includes sensitive content. We kindly ask you to refrain from live streaming that particular section. This part will be noticed also in the game.


Please refrain from engaging in commentary that degrades or belittles this game.


If you enjoyed the work, we would be delighted if you could share your thoughts, fan art, or derivative creations on social media platforms.


■Copyright Policy


All materials and data used in this software are protected by copyright. Modification, reproduction, appropriation, secondary distribution, or any form of

unauthorized use of the materials and data is strictly prohibited.



The circle Hase im Haus disclaims any responsibility for any issues or troubles that may arise while using this software. Please use it at your own risk and responsibility.


Please follow these steps ↓


  1. Read the Introduction.
  2. See all the endings from the library, PC room, and convenience store. (All the presents will be unlocked.)
  3. See all the endings from the café.
  4. Go to the sushi restaurant. (Music Room will be unlocked.)
  5. Go check the Introduction again. (Bonus CGs will be added to the Gallery page.)
  6. The secret bonus episode will be unlocked on the Endings List page.